Wonder how RainMakers always seem to be in the right place at the right time? Connected to the right organizations, in touch with the right decision makers? Somehow able to find the time it takes to grow a practice?

The Business Development Notebook is for every professional service provider seeking a framework for practice development that can peacefully coexist with every other demand on your time — and move the needle in the right direction.

Designed for individuals, groups or the entire firm, this resource integrates seamlessly with an existing program, or provides the tools for a from-the-ground-up initiative. From a strategic roadmap to processes, templates and plans, this is about moving the needle and making the most of your time.

Use these resources to build or support a Biz Dev initiative, and increase ROI. Read on for details.

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A Strategy

The more competitive the marketplace, the more essential a strategic approach — a game plan that is proactive and sets forth a set of moves designed to get you the business.

We’ve built an integrated package of resources that provides the framework, tools, experience and support necessary for an effective approach to each facet of your business development.

The full complement includes six distinct resources.

Element 1: FREE Monthly Video — focused and concise (usually about 90-seconds in length — outlining core principles and practical applications. Use individually, or as an outline / discussion starter for biz dev conversations in a lunch-and-learn series. These videos are available to anyone, via the 90-Second Biz Dev Notebook Blog.

Element 2: A monthly BD Notebook chapter — a deep dive into the content introduced in the 90-second video-of-the-month. This as your plan-in-progress — transforming strategic thinking to an action items. These chapters become the core of a business development notebook that will become a career-long resource.

Element 3: The BD FAQ Podcast — a monthly base-touch via a closed-circuit podcast, focused on the challenges of building and sustaining a practice. We address your questions, and pick the brains of some of the best rainmakers and biz dev minds around. It’s an energizing conversation.

Element 4: Our Monday Morning Jumpstart — an in-your-inbox email each Monday, with tips, tools, suggested resources and fodder aimed at keeping your efforts on track. Each is a quick-read (or listen); and you’ll find yourself adding them to your personal notebook for future reference.

Element 5: The RainMaker Resources Toolkit — planning templates, process maps, communication calendars, RFP resources, CRM best practices, answers to networking FAQs, opportunity evaluator, relationship equity tabulator and more. It’s all at your fingertips. Select the tools that help round out your personal business development notebook.

*Element 6: OPTIONAL Monthly 30-minute one-on-one coaching call — personalized consultations address unique challenges and opportunities. Our executive coaches have decades of experience with thousands of lawyers, accountants, consultants and other service providers. *This personalized component is not for everyone; but if you’re ready for a pro to help with focus, priorities, and making the most of every biz dev minute, add this to your subscription.

It’s an integrated and strategic approach to the action necessary to grow a practice. Be done with guessing what move should be next, when to speak, what to write, and how to follow up. With decades of experience in each area, our team has assembled the elements necessary for a winning approach.

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Origins of the Notebook

The Business Development Notebook was created by the team at EFC — led by former CMO, author, market strategist (as seen on Forbes) Eric Fletcher, who brings more than 30-years in business development to the table. Thousands of lawyers, accountants, consultants and other professionals use these tools and strategies. In most cases these professionals must both build a practice and provide the service. This is a game plan that delivers.

Two demanding roles. Two differing skill-sets. No one we know chose the profession because they wanted to become a business developer.

So we set out to design a solution. Not a silver bullet; but an approach to growing a practice that accounts for real world factors, and provides a career-long framework for the daunting task of bringing new clients through the doors.

It began in 2013 with a series of 90-second videos, providing a foundation for a practical approach to business development and sales. Over time elements have been added to create a complete Business Development Notebook — with improvements and new features coming every few months.

Eric Fletcher, managing principal of EFC Group is a former ad agency partner, law firm CMO and long time professional services business developer. Learn more about his consultancy at http://www.ericrfletcher.com.

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Monday Jumpstart

MMJS Snapshot 2A jumpstart comes in handy…especially on Monday morning. So kick off the biz dev side of your work week with our in-your-inbox quick read every Monday morning.

It’s a to-the-point 90-second read (if that). No quick fixes or silver bullets. Just one or two thoughts to help ID an opportunity, set a priority, or focus on strategic action.

Monday Morning Jumpstart tees up an idea or points you to a tool that fine-tunes your planning, focuses on common issues, and provides a thought-starter for the week.

MMJS arrives in your inbox every Monday as part of every Business Development Notebook subscription.

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Monthly Coaching

Every journey comes with twists, turns and forks that can lead to new challenges, distractions and opportunities. A monthly visit with a member of our seasoned executive coaching team helps you anticipate the predictable ones, and explore those that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

These once-a-month 30-minute calls are personalized to address your biz dev efforts, and often focus on topics such as:

  • How to align networking efforts with personality and schedule
  • How to identify strategic targets
  • How to connect with influencers and decision-makers
  • The role of content marketing and social media in biz dev
  • How to create an action plan
  • How to builds bridges to on-going conversations
  • How to spot consequential movement
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition

Our team has coached thousands of professional service providers, led successful pursuits for up to half-a-billion dollars. and brings decades of first-hand experience to each coaching call. These calls are about, problem solving, encouraging and challenging you to do what it takes to realize your goals.

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